Stevy Sound

Guitarist. Fusion. Celtic. Classical. Jazz. Rock. other influences.
She Moved Through the Fair

I am releasing this as creative commons attribution, which means that you can sing along with it, even record your own voice on it for your demo or whatever, as long as you give attribution to the music to Also, you can contact me here or on facebook and if it isn’t a huge amount of people, I will mix your vocals into this track and send it to you.

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The Journey with Christine Ghezzo-Weiss and Stevy Sound

This was an improvisation that I recorded with Christine sometime last year. She originally came over to record one of her Indian songs and as a warm up to set levels we were going to do a short test recording, but what we were doing just sounded so nice that we let the recording continue and go wherever it was going to go.

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Gold is Where You Find It

In the last couple of years I have developed an interest in early American history, and a couple books I read got me thinking about the Klondike and California gold rushes and the things that people experienced around that time. The aftermath is visible in many places, even to this day.

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Musically there are a lot of changes too, my Indian friends have introduced me to the rich musical and rhythmic traditions from India, which I have added to my western mind as much as I can.

On this site I hope to post videos as well as music, and maybe I will add a section with some loops, samples, and Ableton racks.