Welcome to Stevy Sounds new site!

The look and feel is a little different, and some of my music projects are a lot different as well.

Stevy Sound

Lately I have gotten into Ableton, and started playing more and more keyboards. I have always been interested in midi guitar, starting in the 80s with rolands GK pickups, and the Fishman Triple Play and so on, but when you are tweaking things in real time there is nothing like an actual keyboard because your hands are so close to the knobs.

Hidden Treasures

In live performances, I still do both, but now I am working on a way to incorporate keyboards and live guitar together.


Musically there are a lot of changes too, my Indian friends have introduced me to the rich musical and rhythmic traditions from India, which I have added to my western mind as much as I can.

On this site I hope to post videos as well as music, and maybe I will add a section with some loops, samples, and Ableton racks.