I changed the lyrics slightly to make them a little more clear and added one verse to tell the story a little better. I also have the traditional unchanged lyrics at the bottom too. More info at the bottom after the lyrics:


For people interested, I changed the lyrics from my young love to my true love in the beginning, and I also changed “kine” to coin. Kine is an old Celtic word meaning Cattle, and the basic meaning of the original is my father won’t reject you being married to me, even though you have no cattle, hence aren’t wealthy. I’ve seen some singers erroneously change this to “kind” which totally messes up the meaning, and I think “coin” is a better choice to communicate the idea to a modern audience.

The verse I added about the soldiers isn’t there in the original, and I added that to explain what happened to the girl, and why she visits him as a ghost or a dream in the last verse. The original it isn’t clear exactly why the girl left the poor guy at the fair. Why would your true love just leave you at a fair? A lot of these old Celtic tunes have three basic themes- wayward wenches, the harvest, lack of food or cattle. Sex and Food, well it was a huge part of life in Medieval Ireland and throughout europe, and even in modern times for that matter.

I am releasing this as creative commons attribution, which means that you can sing along with it, even record your own voice on it for your demo or whatever, as long as you give attribution to the music to stevysound.com Also, you can contact me here or on facebook and if it isn’t a huge amount of people, I will mix your vocals into this track and send it to you. That way your voice goes into the same reverb as the rest of the track and it should fit well.

verse 1
My true love said to me, My mother won’t mind, And my father won’t slight you, For your lack of coin
verse 2
My purse I did guard, For the future I feared, But she bade me a penny, A garland for her hair
verse 3
She stepped away from me, And she moved through the fair, And fondly I watched her, Move here and move there
verse 4
She stepped away from me, And this she did say, It will not be long love, ‘Til our wedding day.
verse 5
And she smiled as she passed me, With her goods and her gear, And that was the last, That I saw of my dear.
verse 6
The soldiers they came then, Smoke over the lake, I searched in the ashes, They left in their wake
verse 7
On starry nights I see her, Flowing dress and fair hair, And I look to the time, When we had not a care
verse 8
I dreamed it last night, That my true love came in, So softly she entered, Her feet made no din
verse 9
She came close beside me, And this she did say, It will not be long love, ‘Til our wedding day.

It will not be long love, ‘Til our wedding day.