In the last couple of years I have developed an interest in early American history, and a couple books I read got me thinking about the Klondike and California gold rushes and the things that people experienced around that time. The aftermath is visible in many places, even to this day.

It gave me an idea for a story of sorts that probably happened to someone, and I will only put the story at the bottom of this post so that if you watch the video it will not spoil it. There are a lot of stories around this time (1850s) and its ok if you watch the video and get a different story out of it.

I didn’t conceive the story and then write the music like film composers do, it is one continuous improvised piece, but some of these images and ideas were the ones in my mind when I was playing it.

Some singers I know have been threatening to write words and a vocal line to it and if that happens I will mix those vocals in and make a new version. As an instrumental I think this works though.

If I knew anything about filmmaking and had access to some actors and better equipment, it might make a nice short film, but I did the best I could with stock images and Camtasia, which is a simpler video editor that a lot of us peasants use, lol.

Its 1849. A man is poor, on a farm, not happy, has money problems, decides to leave his wife to mine for gold and solve all their money problems in one shot, has a journey there, tries, has many misadventures, fails, remembers that his wife is the only true gold and riches in his life, returns to her, and after making it back they get through their financial and other difficulties, discover the riches of children and they live happily ever after. The spirit or memory of the would-be miner continues to live on near their farm.

For people interested, this is the original timeline I put together for the video. Maybe some filmmakers will find it interesting:

Title Gold Is Where You Find It

copyright 2019

Images showing the farm and the man not being happy

Images of the man and his wife not being happy

Images of gold and riches

Headline of gold discovered
Man leaving- starts right when the drums come in at 1:58

Man travelling, in steamboat, covered wagon, on foot, or on horseback, or many ways
3:20 right when the new section starts
some nature scenes of big landscape showing a long journey

historical photos of the miners in snow

people mining and panning for gold
5:06 new section (prechorus)
saloon, alcohol, mining towns
5:37 chorus
more miners and mining towns
5:55 prechorus
poverty, empty gold pans, barren landscapes
6:22 interlude

pictures of the wife that he remembers
6:46 CHORUS this is where we have the family growing

man and his wife reunited, fade in each time adding more children. Fade to our copper miner and out.