I have a lot of interesting musical projects going, the common thread of all of them is that they represent different alternative types of music that I have an interest in, and it is all original music.

Every once in a while its good to play something different, so the different projects keep me busy and interested.

Here’s some of what I am working on now besides the jams on the download page:


This is a Kirtan group, bhaavkirtan, that does a lot of Kirtans in the Tampa/St Pete area, and lately we are getting into some ambient improvisations as well

Tampa Kirtan

This project attempts to list, follow, and keep track of all the Kirtans in the Tampa Bay area Tampakirtan.


I have always been interested in Guitar Synths, but have lately gotten into playing keyboards and ambient soundscapes. I would like to find a VJ to work with who can handle all the visual and some audio, and I play live instruments with it. Interested? Hit me up at: (727) 228-6271.

Global Affect

Global Affect is a group consisting of Myself, Kevin Ryan on Bass, Tazz Washington on Drums, TJ Vanderpool on Piano, and Randi Fishenfeld on electric and acoustic Violin. Its unique music but kind of blends pop, classical and jazz. I guess the best way to classify it would be instrumental pop with a strong classical influence, but lots of other influences

Nada Brahma Band

This project is very much a world fusion type project, with lots of percussion instruments from all over the world, and some of the best percussionists in the Tampa Bay area. We have Shankhatur Lahiri on Tablas who is an absolute monster, and Raihan Alam on the Dumbek drum who is equally a monster player, plus a lot of other musicians who come in and out. There are a lot of influences blending together here and its a very special group.


This group kind of came about as an outgrowth of the Nada Brahma Band, with Christine Ghezzo leading Shankh and I accompanying her in Kirtan Singing, which is quite popular in most of the US now. It is a call and response where the singer sings a line and the rest of the audience then sings the line back. We play at yoga centers and festivals all over the place.