This was an improvisation that I recorded with Christine sometime last year. She originally came over to record one of her Indian songs and as a warm up to set levels we were going to do a short test recording, but what we were doing just sounded so nice that we let the recording continue and go wherever it was going to go.

Everyone may have a different idea of what it communicates to them. After listening to it, to me it seems to express a feeling I have when I take a journey and just look at things.

I see good and bad, and I do help on things that need to be changed, but I don’t get sucked into the drama of it. In the world but not of the world. Hopefully to be able to look long and searchingly at something and see through to its true nature.

I got the idea of a girl going through life on her journey and seeing things both good and bad, and sought to take the images and make them into this video.

I put them together what I felt the piece of music means to me and what I was feeling at the time, but it might mean something totally different to you and thats ok. I am not telling anyone what to think, plenty of people are doing that. I am just telling you that you can look. And thats it.